Event Details

Due to the lack of any upcoming events, and the continued threats from governments to impose more restrictions, we have decided to not hold a July ARES meeting. We don’t feel there is much point in getting everyone together to talk about everything that isn’t going to happen.

We will put together a virtual web meeting to be scheduled the first or second Sunday in August. The exact date will follow later. This web meeting will be held utilizing the new Zoom account that has been graciously provided and paid for by the Hamfest Association of Cleveland. This account is available for use by local amateur radio groups free of charge. For more info visit

We will then attempt to resume in person meetings starting the first Sunday in September in Berea. As of now, the next events for us that have yet to be cancelled take place later in September so this should give us plenty of time to all get back into gear. (Also, don’t forget about the Geauga Fair in early September.

Thanks for your continued participation. I hope you are all doing well. We look forward to being able to get together and “play radio” soon!