ARES Simulated Emergency Test

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Cuyahoga County will be participating in the 2020 Simulated Emergency Test. A big focus of the event this year will be the handling of formal traffic by way of radiograms and digital ICS-213 forms. This year the event takes place Saturday and Sunday, October 3 and 4.

Everyone interested in participating is asked to sign up here

I encourage everyone to participate. We will be operating from 10A to 2P both days. Stations who wish to participate will be put on standby during these hours and deploy as needed. Upon being deployed you will have the option of operating from home, or setting up a portable station in a nearby park, or even your own back yard. I will be operating the simulated EOC from inside the ESG Ambulance parked in my driveway.

Messages will be passed between the EOC and a District 10 net to be forwarded to their final destination. Those who are deployed in the field will receive simulated traffic and may be asked to prepare formal messages to send back. Ideally this should be done via FLdigi or Winlink. If you must send your message by voice, I will likely direct you to the district operators on 147.015, but no one should go there without being directed to.

At 10 AM each day we will activate the call out system and take checkins on the 145.410 repeater. Once that is complete, stations participating will stay on that repeater and await instructions. We don’t know what the scenario is, or how much traffic we will get, but we certainly hope it’s enough to give everyone something to do.

Those wishing more info are welcome to visit to get an idea of what is expected, but please do not sign up via that site. No individual stations should sign up to participate. Each county will sign up as a group and I have already done this for Cuyahoga.