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Cuyahoga ARES Meeting
May 2 @ 14:00 – 14:00
Cuyahoga ARES Meeting @ Helwig Whistle Stop

Monthly ARES meeting. In person (subject to change) AND virtual.

Topics include:
Digital scanning local public safety radio systems by Jeff Garvas N8YNR.

BRRO Packet Net
May 3 all-day
Cuyahoga County ARES Tuesday Night Net
May 4 @ 20:00 – May 7 @ 20:30
District 10 Monthly Net
May 6 @ 19:00 – 19:00

Net Format:

We will begin taking checkins on the 147.015 repeater by county. At that time we will designate a single county liaison station who will take simplex checkins for their county after the repeater net.
We will switch to simplex after the repeater net and the District Net control will call for each county liaison station. That county liaison station will then call for checkins within their own county and relay those all back to the district net control. The district net control will then move to the next county.
Goals – There are many things that this net will accomplish, a few key things are

Have a monthly gathering on a district wide level to allow the counties to get to know eachother’s operators
Reinforce 147.015 as being the primary District 10 frequency
Simplex practice – get to know how well your station works without a repeater
Relay practice – On simplex, it’s not all just about who can hear net control. All stations on the net need to know how to relay stations in that net control isn’t hearing. This skill is key to effective simplex operation
Interoperability – Do you know who the “big guns” are in your adjoining counties? Do you know how to reach them if your local repeaters and phones aren’t working? Well, you will now.

All stations that check in are encouraged to keep their own log of stations they hear on simplex along with a signal report and submit it to Mat KC8NZJ at the conclusion of the net.

Submitted net logs can be viewed here.

ARES District 10 Net
May 6 @ 19:00
ARES Simplex Net
May 6 @ 19:00 – 19:15
BRRO Monday Packet Net
May 10 all-day
BRRO Packet Net
May 10 all-day
Cuyahoga County ARES Tuesday Night Net
May 11 @ 20:00 – 20:30
GEARS Meeting
May 12 @ 19:00